Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP therapy may be used to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Our equipment is provided by Philips Healthcare, who will also provide a remote support service for the early months of your treatment. The Sleep Support Team at Philips will contact you to arrange when and where you want them to deliver the device. It will come with all the instructions. You will have access to the Sleep Support Team via 0800 652 0303 to help with set-up if necessary and to advise on ongoing use.

The machine is automatic. It senses when you are starting to block off your airway and increases the pressure so as to splint the breathing passage open. When you are first getting used to this it might cause you to wake up. If this happens then push the ramp button (it has a triangle on it) and the pressure returns to normal. Once you have got used to CPAP this won’t be an issue.

The people who do well on CPAP use it every night. In this way the body gets used to it and it simply becomes part of the routine of going to bed. As a minimum you will should use it for 4 hours a night on 70% of nights. However, the more you use it the better. 

DreamMapper is an app you can download. This allows your device to connect to the CPAP machine via bluetooth and you can see your own treatment data. 

How to set up Philips DreamStation…

DreamStation with humidifier.

DreamStation without humidifier.

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