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Sleep Apnoea

Are you suffering from Sleep Apnoea?

Millions of people suffer from sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoeas or interruptions can last from a few seconds up to several minutes at a time and can occur hundreds of times a night making it almost impossible to fall into a deep prolonged sleep.  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

What causes Sleep Apnoea

The most common type of sleep apnoea is called ‘obstructive sleep apnoea’ this is known when the soft tissue in the back of the throat can block the airways for a brief moment. This is often the reason for chronic snoring.

Another sleep apnoea called ‘central sleep apnoea’ means resulting in the failure of the brain to properly communicate with muscles that control actual breathing. It is quite normal to wake up the next morning feeling quite tired and not being able to focus properly at work, when actually you cannot recall waking up during the previous night!

The effects on you and others

Lack of sleep or sleep apnoea can impair cognitive function and spatial memory, i.e trying to remember where something is or how we get to a place. Poor concentration and daytime sleepiness are familiarities. Sleep apnoea symptoms include loud choking and gasping noises and the feeling of being extremely tired the next day.

Sleep apnoea has been tested at large and the research captured so far has resulted in patients who suffer with sleep apnoea seem to be more susceptible to illnesses and in turn a much higher mortality rate.

Depression, anxiety, diabetes and cardiac problems such as heart attacks and heart failure have been linked to sleep apnoea. Studies around the world have shown that obstructive sleep apnoea can also weaken our blood-brain barrier, which is a critical defense mechanism to fight off infections, chemicals and bacteria from entering and engaging the brain.

Although sleep apnoea is common with adults, research proves that children suffering with asthma, that have received operations to have both their tonsils and adenoids removed to treat sleep apnoea, resulted in a dramatic effect on hospital admissions for asthmatics.

Given that sleep apnoea has such a profound role in a variety of illnesses and serious medical problems, it is absolutely vital to see a specialist especially if experiencing any of the above Symptoms.



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