Sleep Hygiene

It’s important to optimise your chance of getting a good night’s sleep by eradicating bad habits and making sure the environment is conducive to sleep.

If possible try to stay close to a regular sleep-wake cycle throughout the week.

• Try to get plenty of bright daylight exposure during the day. This is hard in winter and when working indoors!

• Take regular exercise during the day.

• Avoid caffeine (tea, coffee, cola) for 5 hours before sleep time. Try not to eat your evening meal too late in the evening.

• High alcohol intake will reduce the quality of sleep.

• Blue light from electronic devices such as phones and tablets can switch off melatonin secretion which is the sleep-promoting hormone. Avoid these devices for 1 hour before bed, or use an orange filter.

• Make sure the bedroom is quiet, dark and at the correct temperature, usually on the cooler side.

• Get in to the habit of using your bedroom for sleep and sex only.

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