Sleep study and consultation: £250

Onward referral options


CPAP: £700 set-up

The gold standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea. A machine creates air pressure which is delivered through a mask to hold the throat open allowing comfortable and quiet breathing during sleep.

Mandibular advancement splint: £750

A device worn over the teeth during sleep in order to advance the lower jaw which opens the throat to make breathing easier. Useful for snoring or mild sleep apnoea.

Night Shift: £295

A collar device which encourages wearers not to sleep on their back, a position in which snoring or sleep apnoea is commonly worse.

ENT consultation: £150

In some cases, surgery to the throat can help snoring. An Ear, Nose & Throat consultant surgeon can advise on this option.

CBT-Insomnia: £100 per session

Once any other underlying sleep conditions are excluded, the evidence suggests that cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia is the most effective treatment for insomnia.

Sleep Doctor

Breathing can be disturbed during sleep…

Sleep-disordered breathing is common and encompasses snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome and sleep apnoea. Our upper airway anatomy may predispose us to this condition, but weight gain makes it much more likely. By interfering with quality of sleep, sleep apnoea often leads to daytime sleepiness and poor concentration.

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